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SurroGate Center – The stages of our Surrogacy Program

Our IVF and surrogacy clinics in Georgia and Ukraine offer you an unprecedented and exclusive array of surrogacy programs with service packages adapted to match your personal needs.

Our high success rates and close personal attention to your needs as Intended Parents ensure your convenience and comfort on this incredible journey into parenthood.

Stages in SurroGate Center’s Family Planning programs:


Stage 1 – Getting in touch with SurroGate Center

Contact us for a consultation with SurroGate Center’s experts.  Our team will closely guide you through all stages of the process. SurroGate Center experts and staff are professional, courteous, and offer that warm personal touch to ensure that the surrogacy service we provide is constantly of the best quality accessible.

Our coordinators are with you from the start and continue providing close personal attention to your needs at every step of the way as you progress towards realizing your dream with worry-free confidence.

Your introductory meeting with us provides detailed information on our various surrogacy packages and prices without any obligation on your part.


Stage 2 – Contracts and related legal clarifications

In both Georgia and Ukraine, surrogacy is 100% legalized and the finest details are covered by those countries’ laws.

SurroGate Center’s legal team is comprised of top experts in the field of surrogacy law and the status of surrogacy-birthed newborns abroad.  Guidance from a professional attorney qualified in this area of expertise can be the huge difference between a deeply disappointing venture or a heartwarmingly joyful moment.

A quality surrogacy contract should leave no room for uncertainty.  SurroGate Center’s legal staff covers the finest of details to ensure your agreement is secure throughout the journey to parenthood.  We meticulously screen our lawyers to ensure they can offer you full legal protection, avoiding situations you cannot even begin to imagine.

When you choose SurroGate Center, you receive a detailed explanation on all legal aspects of the program’s stages, are given time to read all the legal documentation without pressure prior to signing, and can ask questions and familiarize with surrogacy law in Georgia and Ukraine.

Our comprehensive legal support and dedication to your surrogacy journey are uncompromising and aim to protect you and the future of your family.

After signing the contract, we can move forward to your chosen surrogacy plan’s medical procedures.


Stage 3 – Meeting SurroGate Center’s medical director

At this meeting a SurroGate Center physician will record your relevant health details and may refer you for additional testing as needed.  Dr. Samseishvili is the medical director at SurroGate Center and oversees all medical procedures.

Once authorization is given that this stage is complete, we can begin implementing your chosen surrogacy plan.


Stage 4 – Matching your surrogate mother

Simultaneous to Stage 3, our local staff in Tbilisi or Kiev begin the search to match you with a surrogate mother based on your expectations and requirements.  You’ll receive several optional candidates and will be able to hold a video conference call with each of them to help you choose your optimal surrogate.

Note that at SurroGate Center, should impregnation not occur after two embryo insertion attempts, you are entitled to choose an alternative surrogate at no extra cost.

With our mentoring and support, the relationship between you and your surrogate mother will be the foundation of your wonderful surrogate parenting experience.

Our surrogate mothers are physically, emotionally and psychologically prepared for the surrogacy program from the moment they are screened and pass our scrupulous tests which ensure that only the most appropriate surrogates are entered in our database.  Every candidate for surrogacy undergoes thorough medical testing and examination by SurroGate Center’s psychiatrist.


Stage 5 – Your trip to Tbilisi or Kiev

When you travel to Tbilisi or Kiev for an overseas surrogacy procedure you become much more than Intended Parents.  You join a global group of people who share the same motivation and goal: creating a family with love.


Enjoy one of two options based on your preferred surrogacy package


Option 1:   The full procedure, from removal of the Intended Mother’s ova to their insertion into the surrogate’s womb, can be conducted in Georgia or Ukraine.  This requires a stay of 5 to 7 days.
Option 2:   If the initial surrogacy package stages are commenced in your home country, you will be required to spend just 3 to 4 days in Georgia or Ukraine.
See Stage 6 for the detailed medical procedure.


Once the IVF cycle is complete, Intended Parents can travel back to their home country and wait for pregnancy test news.  We continue to treat and follow-up with your   surrogate throughout her entire pregnancy.


Stage 6 – The medical procedure

SurroGate Center’s fertility clinics, outfitted with cutting edge technologies and enhanced by innovative services, continue to inspire our Intended Parents.


This is how the medical procedure is conducted:


(1) Menstrual cycle synchronization

You, as the Intended Mother, receive fertility hormones to stimulate the development of ovarian follicles while the surrogate simultaneously takes medication to coordinate her menstrual cycle.  Both of you will be under SurroGate Center’s close medical supervision throughout the cycle synchronization stage.


(2) Hormone treatment

Your chosen surrogate begins taking estrogen to encourage uterine thickening while you take medication that encourages production of ova (eggs).


(3) Ova retrieval

After follow-up on the status of the ovaries and uterus, a fertility specialist can determine whether the ova are mature and ready for retrieval.  Once the surrogate’s uterus lining is sufficiently developed, the Intended Mother or egg donor prepares for egg retrieval, a standard surgical procedure involving a needle and anesthesia.
Vaginal ultrasound guides the needle through the vagina to the ovaries and into the follicle, and the liquids are aspirated via the IVF tube.




The ova are fertilized with the Intended Father’s sperm, incubated and observed for 3 to 4 days.  On average, 7 to 20 eggs are retrieved.  This IVF process involves injecting the sperm into the egg’s cytoplasm (ICSI – Intra-Cyctoplasmic Sperm Injection method).


(5)Embryo implantation

A painless procedure inserts the embryos into the surrogate’s womb.  Pregnancy tests are conducted some 14 days after embryo insertion.

Sadly, the IVF process is occasionally unsuccessful first time around.  Even though it is natural to be deeply disappointed when this occurs, it is important to keep in mind that IVF pregnancies do not have a 100% success rate.

If your surrogate’s pregnancy test comes up negative, we will conduct an additional embryo implantation using frozen embryos, should enough embryos have been produced to allow for cryopreservation of the excess. As Intended Parents, you also have the option of repeating the cycle to produce fresh embryos.


(6) Great news!  We’re pregnant!

If the cycle of treatments has been successful, SurroGate Center’s staff conducts daily follow-up on the physical and psychological health and wellbeing of your chosen surrogate.  We are your resource for planning your trip at the time of your baby’s birth.

Your surrogate’s pregnancy will be under supervision based on international protocols and the close attention of SurroGate Center’s medical directors.  As intended parents you receive reports from us concerning your surrogate’s health, and results and explanations of all tests she undertakes.  Your personal contact at SurroGate Center in Israel is responsible for keeping you updated.


Your baby is on its way!

As intended parents, you will need to travel to Georgia or Ukraine shortly before your baby’s birth, whether by natural birth or preplanned Caesarian section.

Your baby’s birth certificate will take a day or two to arrive.

Once you have the birth certificate in hand, you can begin presenting all relevant documentation to the consulate which will provide a passport or travel pass for the baby.  You will be required to undergo a DNA test to ensure the baby’s status.

When the baby is healthy enough to leave the hospital, you will be entitled to take your baby and begin the next exciting chapter of this wonderful journey.


(7) You’re going home with your new baby!

Your baby has arrived!  Now we can begin the final stages of your journey into parenthood.

SurroGate Center’s staff will assist you with all travel requirements, making your journey home simple and worry-free.  Our medical and legal staff will help procure the birth certificate and assist in handling any other legal documentation required.

Courtesy, compassion and uncompromising care are SurroGate Center’s passion.  Let us help you make your journey to Georgia or Ukraine an unforgettable surrogacy experience. So… let’s get started.


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