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Surrogacy Abroad

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The SurroGate Family Planning Center’s Georgia Surrogacy Program has a unique and very different approach that enables potential parents to undergo a worry-free journey of realizing their dream: a family with a child.

Our center’s team of experts includes consultants, psychologists, lawyers, the support team, and top level physicians. Our team provides you with everything that’s needed from the outset, with support and full back up through all stages including the infant’s birth and her or his return back home with you.

Our program keeps supporting you until the promised outcome is achieved. If you choose our services, you can stay safe and sure that throughout the procedure you will enjoy an ongoing pleasant experience without any unnecessary extra costs.

The surrogacy process abroad

During activities conducted by the SurroGate Family Planning Center and with full cooperation of leading private medical clinics abroad, we have developed a surrogacy package in our dedicated clinics in Georgia and Ukraine.  The package includes all medical and legal aspects of the process and allows us to promise you that by its completion and the birth of a healthy baby, you enjoy a fixed surrogacy fee with no added costs, no matter how much time or how many attempts are needed to achieve your dream.

One of the many advantages of SurroGate Center’s program in Georgia and Ukraine is the possibility of substituting the surrogate should several attempts at impregnation fail.  Generally, two failures allow you to request a substitute surrogate at no extra cost.

Our center’s database division scrupulously reviews every potential surrogate, ensuring that you are saved the costs of employing an agent to search for one. Running our own database maximizes our control and follow-up over the surrogate’s pregnancy and birth procedures at all stages.

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Full legal and psychological support by our center’s professional staff members who are top level experts in their fields.

Ongoing follow-up of all program stages ensures you enjoy the process of realizing your unforgettable dream and becoming a parent.

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Surrogacy Program Stages

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