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SurroGate Center is an International Family Planning Center established for the purpose of assisting couples in the USA and other countries worldwide, supporting them as they realize their dream to become parents through the surrogacy and egg donation program developed by some of the top leaders in this field.

At SurroGate Center our team of specialists includes consultants, psychologists, lawyers, leading medical experts in IVF, local backup staff in Georgia  and Ukraine, and translators who do their best to ensure that every step and stage of your journey to realizing your dream is free of worry and additional costs up until that incredible moment when your child is born.

  • SurroGate Center’s areas of activity include: Surrogacy procedures carried out in Georgia and Ukraine through our private clinics, from the stage of finding the surrogate mother up to registration of newborns in the consulate and their arrival home with their parents.
  • Egg donor program with full backup, including finding the donor who matches your requirements and wishes, full legal cover, full IVF procedure, embryo freezing, and more.
  • IVF procedure in our clinics in Georgia and Ukraine with the top experts in the field.

The process is conducted directly with our medical center in Georgia  or Ukraine without any agents or middlemen, or unnecessary costs. We are proud of helping hundreds of couples navigate their path to parenthood through the SurroGate Center.  We’ll offer you consultancy and answers to all your questions without any commitment on your part, and provide you with all important information needed on the Georgia and Ukraine surrogacy program and more.

Contact us now and take that first step on your path to joyful parenthood.

At SurroGate Center we are thrilled to be part of your goals as you join the ranks of many others whose dream to be happy parents came true.


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