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SurroGate Family Planning Center

SurroGate Family Planning Center was established in 2012 and has branches in USA, Israel, Georgia, Ukraine and Russia. We offer unique surrogacy programs and oocyte donation options abroad, and aims to give everyone the chance of fulfilling the amazing dream of being a parent.

All members of the SurroGate Center team, from physicians, support staff, psychologists and lawyers, are top level professionals in their fields. They help childless couples seeking surgeant mothers to turn the dreams into reality. And we will be pleased to turn your dream into a reality, too.

SurroGate Center – we do our utmost to provide you with an error-free unforgettable parenthood journey.

We provide full support at every stage of the surrogacy process up to and including the birth of your child, with 24/7 follow-up and supervision as part of our service package.

SurroGate Family Planning Center – at your service for all questions and information.




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